By the Bridge of a Thousand Ages

By the Bridge of a Thousand Ages

The Adventures of Ling-San

by Myrth Bartlett
©1940, Item: 89721
Hardcover, 232 pages
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This fascinating and adventurous story of a Chinese boy takes you, near the old city of Foochow, to an ancient stone bridge across the Ming River, called The Bridge of a Thousand Ages.

Here you meet Ling-san, a boy of about twelve, among the river people who live on their sampans. He is busy, this autumn morning, polishing the floor boards of the boat for his mother, while his father is off carrying loads to earn rice for the family.

As Ling-san works, Ping-ho a cormorant fisher, comes by. He notices the boy's bright face and gives him a fish for dinner Another watches the boy this morning, too. It is Ting Fu-li, the General. He wishes he had a boy like him for a son.

An excellent study book for those who like to read and learn more about the habits and customs of real Chinese life.

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