By Sheer Pluck

By Sheer Pluck

A Tale of the Ashanti War

by G. A. Henty
Publisher: Preston Speed
Library Binding, 260 pages
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Historical Setting: Gold Coast of Africa, 1873 A. D.

Frank Hargate is an unassuming but intrepid young student of natural history whose cool head saves several schoolmates from drowning. The grateful father of one secures Frank's appointment as assistant to Mr. Goodenough, a famous naturalist who is planning a two-year expedition into the heart of Africa. Frank and Mr. Goodenough have many wonderful and perilous adventures, culminating in their capture by the fierce Ashantis. Frank, forced to serve as military advisor to the Ashanti general in his war against the British, saves the general's life and is released, whereupon he joins the British Army as a guide and interpreter, and accompanies the forces of General Wolseley on their march to Coomassie, the Ashanti capital. On his return to England, Frank enrolls in medical school and becomes a successful physician.

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