Butterflies of the World

Butterflies of the World

by Valerio Sbordoni, Saverio Forestiero
Publisher: Firefly Books
Hardcover, 312 pages
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What does a moth with a foot-long wingspan eat? How far back do butterfly fossils date... 30 million years or 130 million? And, why do Norwegians, Alaskans, and Manitobans see polar fritillary butterflies only every other year?

Butterflies of the World, by distinguished lepidopterists Saverio Forestiero and Valerio Sbordoni, answers these questions and many more. It is the most comprehensive volume on the subject.

Not simply a listing of species by illustrations, this book offers a fresh approach. Each lavishly illustrated chapter discusses one aspect of the inter-relationships of the world of butterflies: their evolution, life cycle, geographical distribution, demography and migrations, and strategies against predators.

With its concise text and more that 200 illustrations, including 125 color plates, Butterflies of the World provides everything you need to know to identify and understand 2,500 of the world's most entrancing species.

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