Butterflies Come

Butterflies Come

by Leo Politi
©1957, Item: 88427
Hardcover, 32 pages
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Stephen and Lucia lived on the Monterey peninsula in California. They loved all the woodland creatures, and were friendly and gentle with them.

Every year in the fall a wonderful thing happened in their town. Thousands of orange-and-black Monarch butterflies came to spend the winter in the same grove of trees and to flutter among the flowers in the gardens. The children welcomed the butterflies with a gay parade.

The facts about the butterflies in this charming story are true. Leo Politi has added his own characteristic and delightful way of seeing things and has given us some of his loveliest pictures.

All readers of this book can see Monarch, or "milkweed", butterflies for they live in all parts of the United States, and in the fall they migrate from the north to a warmer climate.

—from the dust jacket

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