Building on the Rock Series

Building on the Rock Series

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This is without doubt the best character building series we've seen. Each devotional story is short, well-written, and full of insight into the Christian life and pursuit of virtue. Some of the stories are about real people; almost all of them are rooted in historical periods, particularly those of the Puritans in America.

Each story ends with soul-searching questions and a corollary Scripture reading. While these are probably best for later elementary and middle school students, high schoolers and adults could also benefit from the earthy virtue of these fascinating stories. Authors Joel Beeke and Diana Kleyn write with vigor and skill, drawing readers deeply into both the stories and the devotional messages.

The difference between these stories and the majority of character building narratives is that the focus is on God, His Providence, and Christ's dispensation of faith rather than our own striving for holiness. Most similar books center around the struggles of individuals and their goodness, thereby drawing attention away from God and toward His servants. This series is entirely God-centered, showing how God helps His children and how the course of events is in His hands rather than ours.

We pretty much can't say enough good things about The Building on the Rock Series. Whether you offer these to your kids in place of less godly literature, or read them aloud together during family devotions, the stories in these five books will direct readers toward godliness in a unique and fascinating way that is also unobtrusive and humble.


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