Bridge, The

Bridge, The

Bracken Trilogy #1
by Jeri Massi
Publisher: CreateSpace
Trade Paperback, 116 pages
Price: $11.99

Princess Rosalynn is pretty, spoiled, and childish. She gives no thought to the men and women that protect her father's throne. Then one day, invaders from the enormous kingdom across the river storm across the Bridge and conquer the royal castle.

Alone and in danger, Rosalynn sets out on foot to find her father. Some of her own subjects, she discovers, are willing to sell her to the enemy for reward. Driven by fear, she finds the Bridge and crosses it. In the enemy kingdom, she meets an unexpected friend—a woman who has discovered a secret way to save Rosalynn's kingdom.

Together Rosalynn and the wise woman face enemy soldiers, wicked outlaws, and the wilds of the river on their quest to save her tiny kingdom. Their goal is the bridge itself, and the secret that it holds.

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