Brain: An Introduction to Neurology for Ages 8-14

Brain: An Introduction to Neurology for Ages 8-14

by Ellen Johnston McHenry
Softcover Textbook, 34 pages
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This is an in-depth introduction to neurology for ages 8-14.

The first 96 pages are a student text broken into 10 chapters. Each chapter has two levels so that students of varying ages, abilities, and interest levels can use the same curriculum. Topics covered are brain anatomy (including inner brain and ventricles), left/right brain, neuron anatomy and physiology (including types of glial cells), neuronal networks, memory, learning, peripheral nervous system, autonomic systems, senses, reflexes, blood-brain barrier, sleep, brain disorders and famous doctors and patients.

The text is high-content but easy to understand. (Cartoon characters in the margins add plenty of humor, too!) At the end of each chapter there are some activities such as word puzzles, review questions, coloring activities and suggestions for supplemental videos (via a special channel on YouTube). The 40-page teacher section gives instructions for activities such as board games, active group games, crafts, and labs. Ideal for use in a group (because of so many game suggestions) but also great for home use as well.

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