Boys of '76

Boys of '76

A History of the Battles of the Revolution

by Charles Carleton Coffin
Trade Paperback, 423 pages
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Historical Setting: American War for Independence

Reprinted from the original 1876 manuscript.

"I accept the Bible because it contains, immeasurably beyond all other books, moral precepts which are the rules of all right conduct; because it is the foundation of all just government; because it tells the truth about men; because its spiritual teachings satisfy the longings of my heart, giving me joy, peace, comfort, rest, and hope of a better and larger life beyond the present."
Charles Carleton Coffin, Author, Journalist, (Civil War Correspondent), Popular Lecturer, (1823-1896).

"In this modern era of historical dishonesty, the world of Charles Coffin stands strong. His fear of God, his love for his country and his respect for historical truth all combine to give us a faithful, passionate and accurate story of our nations fight for liberty."
Greg Harris

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