Boy's Body Book

Boy's Body Book

Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up YOU

by Kelli Dunham
Publisher: Applesauce Press
5th Edition, ©2019, ISBN: 9781604338324
Trade Paperback, 148 pages
Price: $12.95

As boys reach adolescence, everything changes: their bodies, their feelings, and their relationships. Their world turns shaky just when they find it hardest to talk with the adults in their lives. But even if they won’t say what’s on their mind, they still want straight answers. The Boy’s Body Book provides them, in a readable, reassuring, and illustrated guide.

It covers a boy’s every concern: hygiene, exercise, teachers, peer pressure, sex, and siblings. He’ll learn about what’s going on physically (vocal changes, body hair) and how to handle academic pressures, deal with out-of-control feelings, make new friends, and stay safe through it all. This invaluable manual is modeled after the blockbuster American Girl title, The Care and Keeping of You. Boys haven't had thier equivalent and parents, teachers and booksellers have been demanding one. Here it is... and every boy should own it!

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