Boyhoods of Great Composers

Boyhoods of Great Composers

Young Readers Guides to Music
by Catherine Gough, Edward Ardizzone (Illustrator)
1961 Reprint, ©1960, Item: 90935
Hardcover, 55 pages
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THIS BOOK tells the story of six children. They had quite different childhoods: some were rich, some were poor, some were happy and some unhappy, some had musical parents, and some had a father and mother who did not like music at all. But every one of them grew up to be a great composer, and today their music is played all over the world. 

The earliest of them, Handel, was born nearly three hundred years ago. The last of them, Elgar, died less than thirty years ago. But music did not begin with Handel, and it has not ended with Elgar. Perhaps today a boy or girl is growing up who will be a great composer one day. Perhaps it is you.

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