Boyhood and Beyond

Boyhood and Beyond

Practical Wisdom for Becoming a Man

by Bob Schultz
Trade Paperback, 219 pages
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Perhaps one of the best things about this book is that the chapters are short enough for boys to read and digest easily. In fact, author Bob Schultz addresses the attention span of young men in chapter one, claiming that God made boys such incredibly active creatures because He wants them out in His creation where they can come to know Him through what He was made. It's wisdom like this that made Schultz (who had only daughters, no sons) so particularly suited to addressing boys and encouraging them in the way of faith.

What makes a man? A lot of people have no idea. Some think it's a huge truck elk heads mounted on the wall. Others think the manliest of men get in fights all the time, or make the most money, or sleep with the most women. But the biblical model of manhood is entirely different. While making money and shooting big game in the forest aren't unmanly, a real man is judged by God on his character—his self-control, honesty, perseverance and work ethic, love of justice, love of wisdom, and devotion to God Himself.

A great book for personal study, morning devotions or group discussion, Boyhood and Beyondoffers practical advice for young men whose desire is to be the kind of men God wants them to be. You won't find deep theology or worldview here, just a carpenter's wisdom from a lifetime of serving Christ and wanting others to do the same. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter help boys internalize what they've read, stories from Schultz's own life make his exhortations relatable, and his love of Christ make them convicting. Great for any age, this would be a good book for fathers and sons to read together.

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