Boy Sailor with John Paul Jones

Boy Sailor with John Paul Jones

by H. C. Thomas, Henry E. Vallely (Illustrator)
©1946, Item: 63368
Hardcover, 250 pages
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Readers of this book will find them- selves living in a great age of American history as they accompany a young patriot into dangerous escapades on land and thrilling battles at sea.

Noah Carr, a "bound boy" on Angus MacAuliffe's plantation in colonial North Carolina, flees after he has incurred his master's wrath. One stirring episode follows another, culminating in Noah's service under the gallant Captain John Paul Jones, our first naval commander in our War for Independence. Such patriots as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Patrick Henry also have a part in the narrative, which sees the youth who risked his life to serve his country recover the inheritance out of which he had been unscrupulously cheated.

The story is skillfully compounded of brave exploits and high adventure, set against the colorful background of Revolutionary America, when the new nation was struggling for its life.

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