Boxcar Children Boxed Set

Boxcar Children Boxed Set

by Gertrude Chandler Warner
Trade Paperback
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For Ages 7+, It's more than just a mystery! What's inside: 30 Boxcar Children mysteries, Boxcar Children activity book with quizzes, puzzles, crafts, games, and more, Boxcar Children journal, Boxcar Children sticker sheet with 116 stickers, Boxcar Children double sided poster, Boxcar Children DVD, magnifying glass, Boxcar Children Augmented Reality App sample.

This set includes all 19 of Gertrude Warner's original titles, plus 11 others.

Titles included: 

  1. Boxcar Children
  2. Surprise Island
  3. Yellow House Mystery
  4. Mystery Ranch
  5. Mike's Mystery
  6. Blue Bay Mystery
  7. The Woodshed Mystery
  8. The Lighthouse Mystery
  9. Mountain Top Mystery
  10. Schoolhouse Mystery
  11. Caboose Mystery
  12. Houseboat Mystery
  13. Snowbound Mystery
  14. Tree House Mystery
  15. Bicycle Mystery
  16. Mystery in the Sand
  17. Mystery Behind the Wall
  18. Bus Station Mystery
  19. Benny Uncovers A Mystery
  20. The Haunted Cabin Mystery
  21. The Deserted Library Mystery
  22. The Animal Shelter Mystery

24. The Mystery Of the Hidden Painting

25. The Amusement Park Mystery

33. The Pizza Mystery

54. The Hurricane Mystery

65. The Cereal Box Mystery

71. The Ghost Town Mystery

120. The Vampire Mystery

142. The Legend of the Irish Castle


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