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A Christian Reference for Children's Literature

by Elizabeth McCallum, Jane Scott
Publisher: Canon Press
2nd Edition, ©2008, Publisher Catalog #FC-203
Trade Paperback, 277 pages
List Price: $19.00 Sale Price: $17.10

"Literary affections naturally give way to literary habits. Families who love to read will find time to read—the distractions of life are simply crowded out. . . Such families invariably become inveterate and unapologetic list makers. There are lists of books that must be read. There are lists of books that must be reread. There are lists of books that must be read by others.
George Grant, from the foreword

"This book will most certainly appeal to that breed apart. It will sate even the most inveterate of list makers. How appropriate that a mother and her daughter—Elizabeth McCallum and Jane Scott—should have given us such a delectable treat. They have provided a guide to the best of children's literature serviceable for both veteran reading families and those just beginning their great journey of the imagination. I think you'll find that their accurate descriptions, careful recommendations, and cogent insights will prove to be as delightful as it will be invaluable in your own family."

Written by a mother/daughter team, this is a book full of recommendations for wonderful literature, broken up into six sections:

  • preschool literature
  • elementary fiction
  • middle school fiction
  • elementary and middle school biographies
  • high school fiction
  • high school biographies

Each book listed has at least a one-paragraph synopsis, and many have tiny excerpts. There are also three indices, by title, by author, and by subject.

As far as the lists of books go, we give it a very high rating. This book has inspired us to bring in quite a few others. You may view some of their selections by clicking here: to view them with grade level recommendations, use our browser and look for subject "Recommended by..."

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