Book of the Dun Cow

Book of the Dun Cow

by Walter Wangerin Jr.
Publisher: HarperCollins
Mass market paperback, 246 pages
Current Retail Price: $13.99

A new favorite. Walter Wangerin's fantasy (best, we think, for adults) is the story of Chaunticleer, the rooster-king of the barnyard, and his epic war with Wyrm and the Cockatrice. The cover boldy states that this belongs on the shelf with Lord of the Rings; this is one of few books we've read that live up to the claim. Wangerin manages to incorporate nearly every human emotion into the story—humor, sorrow, joy, fear, excitement—as well as amazing literary and biblical allusions.

Walter Wangerin's profound fantasy concerns a time when the sun turned around the earth and the animals could speak, when Chauntecleer the Rooster ruled over a more or less peaceful kingdom. What the animals did not know was that they were the Keepers of Wyrm, monster of evil long imprisoned beneath the earth ... and Wyrm, sub terra, was breaking free.

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FLAWS: Animal violence
Summary: With the help of his fighting spurs, Chaunticleer must do battle with a dragon and its offspring to protect the peace-loving farm animals.

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