Book of Small Mammals

Book of Small Mammals

by Ted S. Pettit, G. Don Ray (Illustrator)
Publisher: Garden City Books
©1958, Item: 84807
Hardcover, 60 pages
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From the dust jacket:

Anyone who has stopped to feed a squirrel in the park, watch a cottontail rabbit in a suburban garden, or get a closer look at a chipmunk or ground squirrel is well on the way to becoming a nature hobbyist with an interest in animals. But the most interest comes not from mere identification of these small creatures but in finding out how they live.

This book with its many accurate and lifelike illustrations in full color will help you discover the names of many of the more common of our smaller native mammals. It tells where to look for them, observe them, or find signs that prove they live nearby. It tells interesting things about their life habits–where they build their nests or dens, what they eat, how they spend the winter, what eats them, how they fit into the world of Nature, and their relation to man.

Some of the age-old myths that have developed over the years are discussed and explained. Are bats blind? Do porcupines throw their quills? Do raccoons always wash their food before eating it? The answers can be found here.

You will also discover how to identify animals from their tracks, homes, or signs of feeding, even if you never see the animal itself. You will find out how to attract them to a blind or feeding station for a closer look, and thus learn more at first hand about their lives and interesting habits.

Here is information that may well start you on a lifelong hobby or even a career. You may watch and study these interesting animals wherever you live–in city, suburbs, small town, or country–and have a great deal of fun doing it.

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