Book of Roots

Book of Roots

Advanced Vocabulary Building From Latin Roots

by Paul O'Brien
Publisher: Memoria Press
Consumable Workbook, 240 pages
Price: $24.95

"This is book is a gem! We thought long and hard about what else the serious Latin scholar — or general scholar — might need, and we have really outdone ourselves with this one. The Book of Roots offers weekly exercises based on a comprehensive list of English derivatives and Latin root words coordinated with the vocabulary in Latina Christiana. Students will learn the definition and etymology of over 1,500 English derivatives, along with prefixes, suffixes, and supplemental Latin vocabulary lists." — Memoria Press

This is definitely the book to use if your student loves words — or if you want him to! The Book of Roots will surely impart how pervasive Latin is in the English language — and provide yet another reason to study Latin.

Fascinating on its merits as a vocabulary roots course, this book also has significant practical appeal—it is an ideal standardized test prep course, training students to uncover the meanings of words by deciphering parts. The Book of Roots is a Latin roots course, vocabulary building course, Latin dictionary, and etymology reference book all in one! It is enthusiastically recommended for all Latin students!

The Book of Roots is a self contained vocabulary course that doesn't require a Latin background, however, it does coordinate with Latina Christiana I for students who are studying Latin grammar at the same time.

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