Book of Jonah

Book of Jonah

by Peter Spier
Publisher: Doubleday & Company
Perfectbound, 44 pages
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Winner of the 1978 Caldecott Medal for Noah's Ark, Peter Spier has once again matched a deep understanding and love of the Bible with extraordinary artistry to create The Book of Jonah.

Illustrated with full-color paintings throughout, this is the complete tale of Jonah, one of the best-loved stories of the Old Testament. Brought to life are all of Jonah's travels and tribulations: his flight to Tarshish, the raging storm at sea and the frightened sailors, three days and night in the belly of a great fish, the journey to Ninevah, Jonah's anger with the Lord, and the lesson of the vine.

Using his own translation of the Dutch equivalent to the King James Bible—the seventeenth-century Statenbijbel—Mr. Spier captures the spirit and language of the story in a way that is elegant, graceful, and new. Also provided is a Historical Note that will heighten the reader's appreciation of Jonah's world and the care and accuracy with which it has been rendered.

The Book of Jonah is a very special creation, to be enjoyed by people of all ages for many years to come.

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  Funny Book!
Hallel of Wisconsin, 6/27/2016
I liked how the two brothers took apart all kinds of things to build their airplane. It was funny because then the car, the T.V. and the phone didn't work!