Book Lover's Guide to Great Reading

Book Lover's Guide to Great Reading

A Guided Tour of Classic and Contemporary Literature

by Terry Glaspey
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Trade Paperback, 237 pages
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Substantially revised and expanded from the original, formerly titled Great Books of the Christian Tradition, this book offers you an incomparable tour of the books that have shaped our minds and our world.

"Let me begin with a heartfelt confession. I am a biblioholic, one who loves books and whose life would seem incomplete without them. I am an addict, with a compulsive need to stop by nearly any bookstore I pass in order to get my fix. For me, reading is one of the most enjoyable ways to pass a rainy afternoon or a leisurely summer day. I crave the knowledge and insights that truly great books bring into my life, and I can spend transported hours scouring used bookstores for volumes which 'I simply must have.' I love the smell and feel of well-loved books and the look of a bookcase full of books waiting to be taken down and read."

In this way Terry Glaspey begins his tribute to reading. If you love books, you'll find much to benefit from in these pages, including:

  • Ideas for starting and leading a book discussion group
  • An introduction to contemporary fiction
  • A reading plan for exploring the classics
  • A guide to reading books aloud with your children
  • A survey of how Christian writers have shaped literature over the centuries
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