Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee

by Rosemary Sutcliff
Publisher: E.P. Dutton & Co.
Hardcover, 205 pages
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In exile in Holland, Hugh Herriot recalls the exploits of his youth as a follower of Bonnie Dundee who tried to win back Scotland for the Catholic King James and whose death during a victorious battle proved to be a final blow for the Jacobite cause.


When young Hugh Herriott first met John Graham of Claverhouse, the legendary, heroic leader of the King's cavalry in Scotland, he knew his life would never be the same. Some said "Bloody Claver'se" was in league with the devil—but Hugh was determined to follow the dashing leader anywhere.

Joining Claverhouse—Bonnie Dundee—meant turning against his own family, religious rebels called Covenanters, who were terrorizing the land. It meant fighting battles that would decide the fate of his king and country—and that were more harrowing than he could have imagined. Most of all, it meant leaving Darklis, the beautiful, mysterious gipsy girl who shared his secrets—and his love.

Against the background of seventeenth century Scotland, Rosemary Sutcliff has woven a spellbinding, haunting story of adventure and romance, a truly distinguished addition to her canon of historical novels.

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