Bonjour, Babar!

Bonjour, Babar!

The Six Unabridged Classics by the Creator of Babar

by Jean de Brunhoff (author), Kevin Henkes (Introduction)
Publisher: Random House
Hardcover, 276 pages
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Here in one regal book are all six Babar stories that Jean de Brunhoff wrote and illustrated between 1931 and his premature death in 1937. Here are the classic stories about the world's most beloved elephant, the stories read by one generation to the next. Not one word or picture has been left out.

From the first story, in which Babar leaves the jungle and—with the help of the Old Lady—becomes quite the elephant about Paris, through all of Babar's adventures as king of the elephants, Jean de Brunhoff created a world ruled by a benign and democratic leader and a loving, if sometimes beleaguered, father. After seven decades, Babar continues to be a rational and reliable figure to look up to in a world that is often unpredictable and difficult.

Children who grew up on Babar will never forget him. One who didn't forget is Kevin Henkes, author-illustrator of Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse and other distinguished picture books of the 1990's. For this six-in-one volume, Mr. Henkes has written an affectionate and informative introduction. A brief biography of Jean de Brunhoff, who is often called the father of the picture book, is also included.

Altogether, here is a read-aloud collection that families will never grow tired of!

Includes the complete texts and all the original illustrations of the six children's classics:

  1. Story of Babar (1931)
  2. Travels of Babar (1932)
  3. Babar the King (1933)
  4. Babar and Zephir (1936)
  5. Babar and His Children (1938)
  6. Babar and Father Christmas (1941)

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FLAWS: Brief mild violence
Summary: The first six Babar stories by creator Jean de Brunhoff, following the elephant king from youth to his glorious reign.

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