Bold Dragoon

Bold Dragoon

and other Ghostly Tales

by Washington Irving, James Daugherty (Illustrator), Annie Carroll Moore (Editor)
1960 printing, ©1930, Item: 88016
Hardcover, 240 pages
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"In an age so eager for good mystery stories, why leave Washington Irving's in cold storage?" This was the question which Miss Moore asked herself, and the answer is this book. Here are five of Irving's best mystery stories, ranging in subject from the riotous night spent by the bold dragoon in the Haunted Chamber of the old inn at Bruges, to the search for the coveted treasure of Kidd the Pirate along the coast of this country.

These stories have been edited by freeing them from sentences and paragraphs which impede their progress; digressions have been cut, but in no instance has the essential drama been changed. All of Irving's kindliness, his satire, his sensitiveness to beauty remain untouched.

James Daugherty's pictures of the Dutch citizens, old Manhattan, and the supernatural, have all the humor and imagination of Washington Irving himself.

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