Body of Evidence Disc 7

Body of Evidence Disc 7

The Urinary System

by David Menton
Publisher: Answers in Genesis
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The once-terrifying thought of the loss of kidney function is now seen by many as just another medical inconvenience. But is that accurate? Most of us know someone who has been helped by high-tech machines that attempt to do the job of the kidneys. Yet with all of man’s skills, machines and medications are insufficient substitutes for God’s original design.

The kidneys rid the body of the waste products of protein metabolism in the form of urea and maintain a balance of salts, water, and other substances. The kidneys’ unusual approach for ridding the bloodstream of unwanted substances is to essentially throw nearly everything out and then absorb back what the body needs. The three basic functions of the kidneys—filtration, excretion, and absorption—are carried out by nearly 2 million “filtering” units called nephrons.

In this video, Dr. Menton uses human anatomical models, microscope imaging, and detailed computer illustrations to describe the importance and incredible design of the human kidney.

Part 1: 26 mins. Part 2: 38 mins. | Audience: Teens & Adults

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