Bobbsey Twins #10

Bobbsey Twins #10

Bobbsey Twins on Blueberry Island

by Laura Lee Hope
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
Revised, ©1959, ISBN: 9780448080109
Hardcover, 131 pages
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The Bobbsey twins saw their mother coming quickly toward them. She held out her arms and cried: "Oh, I'm so glad you're safe!"

"Why, what's the matter?" asked Flossie.

"I can't just say," answered her mother; "but Helen Porter can't be found. Her mother has looked everywhere for her, but can't find her."

"She's been carried off by the gypsies!" exclaimed John Marsh, an excited boy about Bert's age. "The gypsies took her! I saw 'em!"

"You did?" asked Bert.

"Sure I did! A man! Dark, with a red sash on, and gold rings in his ears! He picked Helen up in his arms and went off with her! She's in one of the gypsy wagons now!"

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