Bob Books Set 2

Bob Books Set 2

Advancing Beginners

by Bobby Lynn Maslen, John R. Maslen (Illustrator)
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Student Reader
Price: $17.99

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Bob Books Set 2 continues to build reading skills. Use of three-letter words and consistent vowel sounds in slightly longer stories build confidence. Children love the hilarious (and sometimes mischievous) stories and pictures. These twelve books, filled with fun, drama, and surprise keep interest high for even the youngest readers.

The twelve books in Bob Books Set 2(formerly called Bob Books Fun) continue with stories in three and four letter words. Simple text combined with longer stories gives your emergent reader continued success. New drama and surprises keep interest high.

12 books. 16 pages each. Primarily 3-letter words. Consistent sounds and sight words. Longer stories.


  1. Fun in the Sun
  2. Up, Pup
  3. Pip and Pog
  4. Bow-wow!
  5. The Big Hat
  6. Sox the Fox
  7. OK, Kids
  8. Rub-a-Dub
  9. Go, Bus
  10. The Red Hen
  11. The Sad Cat
  12. 0 to 10
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