Blue Lights

Blue Lights

Or, Hot Work in the Soudan

by R. M. Ballantyne
Publisher: Vision Forum
Library Binding, 397 pages
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Historical Setting: England, the Sudan

Miles Milton is a prodigal. He struggles with authority, and, like the prodigal son in Scripture, must learn the lessons of life the hard way. Through a series of events, he joins the British army for the war in the Sudan, thinking he will experience the good life of adventure and proudly make his way in the world. However, the providential hand of God has prepared a course for young Miles, whereby, through the adventures and experiences of life in the blazing heat of the Sudan and among the tribal clans, and while attempting to survive among his enemies, he realizes the folly of his youthful ways. Bravely he faces all the difficulties that come his way, and his heart is changed to seek God. Ultimately, Miles Milton returns home from northern Africa to England where he reconciles with his family in a joyful reunion.

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