The Story of a Fire Horse

by Hetty Burlingame Beatty, Joshua Tolford (Illustrator)
Publisher: Weekly Reader
©1961, Item: 88077
Hardcover, 119 pages
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Blitz was no ordinary horse. He had within him a quality of greatness which gave him the power to give his best—and more—whenever it was needed.

Carefully trained and well cared for, he soon became the most talked about fire horse in Drumin: fast and sure and first at almost every fire.

Then a fearful accident injured both Blitz and his driver, and the great fire horse days were over. Blitz was sold to a cruel master and needed all of his courage and strength to live through the next few years.

The story of how he is saved by the love and care of a boy, and of how he in turn is able to save a child's life makes a dramatic and moving book in the old tradition. There are happy times and sad times, and a warmth in the telling that will satisfy anyone who loves a good horse story.

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