Blinded by the Shining Path

Blinded by the Shining Path

Romulo Saune

Trailblazer Books
by Dave Jackson, Neta Jackson
Publisher: Bethany House
Trade Paperback, 144 pages
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Can Something Good Come From Something So Bad?

Bandits are a regular threat to the small Peruvian village Alfredo Garcia lives in. Government protection is scarce and the police never enforce the law, so the village men take it upon themselves to defend their village, but return unsuccessful when Alfredo's father is killed. Rico, Alfredo's brother, knows there has to be some way to avenge their father's death, but when he joins the Shining Path, village life goes from bad to worse. The terrorists are more dangerous than the bandits they set out to avenge, and it's not long before they begin killing followers of Jesus Christ.

When Alfredo also becomes involved with the guerrillas, he is forced to prove his loyalty or become a deserter and risk death. His orders are to kill the new pastor of his church, but his mission fails when Pastor Jorge is not home, and Alfredo instead runs into Pastor Rómulo Sauñe. Will Alfredo kill the visiting pastor, or can Pastor Sauñe help Alfredo escape the Shining Path and turn toward the only One who can save him?

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