Blessing Chart (large, color)

16" x 22" poster size

by Pam Forster
Publisher: Doorposts
©2006, Item: 77019
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This chart, the opposite and necessary balance to the If-Then Chart, is designed to help you acknowledge and reward godly attitudes and behavior.

The chart is divided into the three columns: the left lists good character qualities with cartoon drawings. The center column quotes how God blesses us when those qualities are present. The right is blank, giving you a place to write (using a dry-erase pen) the blessings you wish to impart to your kids for having (and demonstrating) those character qualities.

We are pleased to announce that the chart is now available in a small, laminated, color version, size 8½" x 11". This allows you to use a dry-erase pen in writing down rewards. It also takes up less room on precious wall space. If you prefer the original, larger, color-it-yourself version, click here.

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