Blaze and the Mountain Lion

Blaze and the Mountain Lion

by C. W. Anderson
Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks
Trade Paperback, 47 pages
Price: $9.99

Billy and Blaze are out west exploring the wide-open range when suddenly the loyal friends come face-to-face with a ferocious mountain lion. But fortunately, they are able to chase the wild cat into its den and save a frightened calf from near death. Billy and Blaze help capture the cat before it can emerge, and, heroes once again, they ride off in search of new adventures.

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FLAWS: Dangerous situations
Summary: Billy and Blaze corner a mountain lion and help capture it before it wreaks too much havoc.

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  An Exciting Adventure
Noah (age 8) of Oregon, 7/20/2016
Billy was taking Blaze, his horse, to go camping. He met his cowboy friend Jim there! Jim told Billy that Mountain Lions have been eating the calves in the herd. Billy was going to go on an explore and Jim asked him to tell him if he sees the Mountain Lion because he needed killed. Billy and Blaze rode and Billy saw traces of Panther tracks! By the tracks were bones of calves! So, he knew he was near a Mountain Lion and he was scared. He did remember that Jim told him long ago that the Mountain Lion lived in a slot canyon. Billy found the slot canyon and saw a calf stuck in it with a mountain lion approaching. Billy got an old rope, tied it into a lasso and hoped that the rope would hold. He got it around the calf's body and pulled the calf up. When the calf reached the top, he tied the rope (with the calf on one end) to Blaze's bridle. He went back and told Jim all about it. If you think this book sound exciting (which it is) you should read it to see what happens next!