Black Beauty

Black Beauty

Whole Story Series
by Anna Sewell, William Geldart (Illustrator)
Publisher: Viking Press
Flexiback, 205 pages
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Anna Sewell wrote Black Beauty because she was enraged at the animal abuse she saw all around her in Victorian England. Overworked and underfed horses were a common sight, and animal maltreatment was an everyday occurrence. Her novel boldly speaks out against animal cruelty and teaches the importance of treating animals with respect. Written as an autobiography from Black Beauty's point of view, this story follows his life, detailing his descent from a beloved colt to a working carriage horse to a mistreated cab horse.

In this well-loved classic the reader experiences Beauty's life and can understand the devastating effects of animal cruelty and neglect. And with William Geldart's lively drawings and the detailed captions unique to the Whole Story series, this edition of Black Beauty offers background information about late nineteenth-century England that modern readers could access only through a broad range of supplemental research. Captions cover many topics, from advertisements in animal rights magazines to explanations of the different types of bits and bridles horses wore. This unique approach brings Victorian England to life and places Black Beauty within the context of its era.

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