Black Arrow

Black Arrow

by Robert Louis Stevenson, Frances Brundage (Illustrator)
Publisher: Living Book Press
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In Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Black Arrow, readers are transported to 15th-century England during the Wars of the Roses. The novel follows young Dick Shelton, who embarks on a quest to avenge his father’s murder.

Along his journey, Dick forms a steadfast alliance with the enigmatic Black Arrow, a mysterious outlaw. Their adventures include daring rescues, shifting loyalties, and castle sieges, all set against a backdrop of chivalry, honor, and treachery.

The themes of justice, loyalty, and the human spirit’s capacity to endure challenges are as important today as they were when the novel was written over a century ago. The Black Arrow remains a captivating work of historical fiction, offering both entertainment and profound insights into human nature and history.

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