Birds at Home

Birds at Home

by Marguerite Henry, Jacob Bates Abbott (Illustrator)
©1942, Item: 19636
Hardcover, 88 pages
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The birds both young and old, their eggs and nests are portrayed in a beautiful and engaging manner, which combines the accuracy of the ornithologist with the color appreciation of the artist.

His colorful and familiar action pictures, with which he has enlivened this book, are authentic as to color and line.

Mr. Abbott, one of America's outstanding artists, is an Associate of the American Ornithologists' Union and a member of the American Museum of Natural History.

Here at last is the bird book for children that the whole family will love and use.

In this book the reader is brought close to the family life of the more familiar birds.

It is more than an identification book; it is an introduction to the common birds that nest in the trees, vines and bushes near our homes.

Marguerite Henry makes it a point of honor to use east to pronounce words and to tell facts simply.

The text has a sparkle and freshness that refreshes.

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