Biology - Teacher Edition

Biology - Teacher Edition

5th Edition, ©2017, Publisher Catalog #502112
Price: $84.72

See the BJU High School Science series description for a full review.

See the BJU Science description for a full overview.

Present your student with the foundational ideas behind atomic structure, bonding, stoichiometry, nomenclature, kinetic theory, solutions, equilibrium, thermodynamics, acid-base chemistry, electrochemistry, organic and biochemistry, and nuclear chemistry. The text stresses the marvels of design in creation and promotes the development of organized problem solving.

The Teacher Edition contains extensive teaching notes, bulletin board ideas, and suggested class schedules. It also includes a full color reduced student text with answers to all review questions. New icons were added to the margin text to indicate suggested demonstrations, links to reference previously taught material, lab scheduling, and visual packet usage.

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