Biology - Student Textbook

Biology - Student Textbook

5th Edition, ©2017, Publisher Catalog #515999
Softcover Textbook, 576 pages
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See the BJU High School Science series description for a full review.

See the BJU Science description for a full overview.

The 4th edition of Biology is nearly identical in content to the 3rd (PILR) edition, but is now a non-consumable single volume text. A fantastic text, the curriculum is filled with attractive photographs and illustrations. Special "Facets of Biology" articles provide in depth and practical information on topics covered in each chapter. While maintaining its focus on biblical integration, this text covers cellular biology, genetics, biotechnology, taxonomy, origins, microbiology, botany, zoology, and human anatomy.It also presents Christian positions on biotechnology, abortion, evolution, homosexuality, ecology, disease, and drugs. A separate Laboratory Manual offers exercises designed to reinforce and complement the material presented in the student text, while answers and additional material are available in the Teacher's Edition.

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