Biology Matters - Textbook

Biology Matters - Textbook

Trade Paperback, 463 pages
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Biology Matters Textbook is written in alignment with the latest GCE Ordinary Level Biology syllabus requirements stipulated by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Designed for effective concept development and reinforcement, this textbook presents Biology in an engaging and effective manner through the use of stunning visuals and real-life examples. The textbook also aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and 21st century competencies for their journey of lifelong learning.

Easy and enjoyable learning

  • Relevant chapter openers contain attractive photos that capture students' interest and spark off the inquiry process.
  • Infographics and stepwise presentation help students break down abstract concepts into bite-sized ideas.

Promotes learning with understanding and hones critical thinking skills

  • Inquiry questions encourage students to dive deeper into the content.
  • Hands-on activities enable experiential learning that strengthens conceptual understanding.
  • Links between chapters ,end-of-chapter concept maps and end-of-book concept maps highlight interrelated concepts.
  • Regular test questions prompt immediate checks on level of understanding,hence providing opportunities for better assessment for learning.
  • Ample practice questions, including challenging and data-based questions, nurture higher-order thinking skills and agile minds that are able to apply concepts on novel situations.

Develops 21st century competencies

  • A diagnostic checklist for every chapter surfaces flaws in conceptual understanding and promotes self-directed learning by guiding students to the relevant sections for revision.
  • Group and online learning activities that require students to evaluate, process and communicate information help to foster independent learning and ICT skills,and build interpersonal and collaborative skills.
  • Challenging practice questions at the end of each chapter guide students in answering questions to build examination confidence.
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