Biology: God's Living Creation - Student Text (old)

Biology: God's Living Creation - Student Text (old)

Publisher: A Beka Books
3rd Edition, ©2008, Publisher Catalog #92878
Softcover Textbook
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  • Thoroughly Christian in perspective and tone - Truly nonevolutionary in philosophy, spirit, and sequence of study.
  • Pedagogically superior for 10th-12th grade students - Begins with the familiar, tangible things of nature. Ties abstract concepts to concrete examples.
  • Thoughtfully designed to aid student learning and teacher preparation
    • Lists key concepts at the head of each chapter.
    • Includes section reviews and a chapter review for each chapter to reinforce learning and help students prepare for tests.
    • Includes a set of TransVision overlays of the human body to show at a glance the anatomical relationships of the body's systems.
  • Scholarly, accurate, and up-to-date in content and organization - Reflects the latest advances in man's understanding of living things without neglecting a foundation in the basics.



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