Biography by Type of Person

This is easily our most clumsily-titled category. We apologize, and politely ask that you get over it. Regardless of its clumsiness, you get the point: these are biographies sorted according to the occupation of the subject. So, Marie Curie will show up in the "Scientists, Naturalists & Inventors" category, and Alexander the Great can be found in "Military Heroes & Scourges."

Of course, many biographies will end up in multiple categories. For instance, Marie Curie will also be in "Famous Women" and Alexander the Great is in "World Leaders" as well. We've done our best to include each person in every category in which they belong, but we fully admit we're fallible and limited human beings.

The intention is that these interrelated categorizations will help you zero in on just the right person and topic. If you want to find out which presidents were also Army commanders, you'll be able to do so; and if you want to read a biography about a woman who was also an inventor and an explorer, these subcategories will help you find it.

Getting the most out of this system will require you to put the links on the left-hand sidebar to use. We've put countless hours into putting books in categories and then linking those categories so that you can find exactly the book you're looking for, or at least books about the person you want to read about.

We obviously haven't exhausted the "types of people" with our categories, but we've covered the major bases. Whether you want to read about a politician, a general, a school teacher, a missionary, a baseball pitcher, or an African-American missionary memoir-writer, we've done our best to facilitate your search and help you discover what you need.

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