Biggest Frog in Australia

Biggest Frog in Australia

by Susan L. Roth
Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks
Trade Paperback, 32 pages
Price: $10.99

Historical Setting: Australia

Once, in the Dreamtime, the biggest frog in Australia woke up thirsty. So thirsty that he drinks up all the water from the oceans, lakes, rivers, billabongs, puddles, and even from the clouds. When he is done, the earth is parched, and the other animals are thirsty.
Wise old Wombat suggests that the animals try to make the biggest frog laugh, so the water will spill out of his mouth. But the frog barely hears Kookaburra's best jokes, and yawns at Kangaroo's acrobatics. Koala waddles ridiculously, but still no luck.

What will make the frog laugh and bring life back to Australia? Find out in this colorful retelling of a classic Australian folktale

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  The Biggest Frog in Australia
Big Man Bo of Conyers, GA, 8/24/2016
When the biggest frog in Australia woke up, he drank all of the water in Australia, the ocean and all of the rivers. Because the animals were thirsty, they tried to make the biggest frog laugh so the water would go back to its place. All of the animals tried to make him laugh, but he didn't. Finally, the eels tied themselves in knots and a little bit of water squirted out of the frog's mouth. When they wrote their names in cursive with their bodies, all of the water poured out of the biggest frog's mouth and went to back to its place and the animals got to drink!