Bigger Hearts for His Glory

Bigger Hearts for His Glory

by Carrie Austin
Publisher: Heart of Dakota
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Easy To Use
Bigger Hearts for His Glory was written with the busy homeschool teacher in mind. It provides a way to do great activities without all of the usual planning and preparation required. Simple daily plans are divided into 10 boxes, which can be spaced throughout the day as time allows. Quick and easy activities require little or no preparation and use only materials you're likely to have on hand.

Bigger Hearts for His Glory features 34 units with complete daily plans. These plans are meant to save you time planning, so you can spend your time teaching and enjoying your children. Subjects are rotated daily, so you are able to cover many areas that are often neglected without lengthening your school day. These plans are designed to provide a fun, balanced approach to learning. Little preparation is required, and all of the skill areas are covered. Each day of plans is divided into the following 2 parts: "Learning Through History" and "Learning the Basics".

Lesson plans are written so you can customize the program to suit your child's needs. A choice of resources is provided. Resources noted in the plans with a 'star' are considered necessary. Resources noted in the plans with a 'checkmark' provide a text connection to the activity.

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