Big Picture Story Bible

Big Picture Story Bible

by David R. Helm, Gail Schoonmaker (Illustrator)
Publisher: Crossway Books
Trade Paperback, 127 pages
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The Big Picture Story Bible takes a different approach than most story Bibles. Instead of focusing on each individual story as a unit, it divides the whole Bible into 26 larger, connected sections, emphasizing the flow of Biblical history. As a result, stories that don’t fit into larger themes (Tower of Babel, Lot, most of Isaac’s story, Job) are often skipped, though this tendency is more prevalent for the OT.

Definitely meant to be read-aloud to youngsters (we’d say approximately ages 2-5), this book is heavy on illustrations and light on text. The pictures are cartoony, but at the same time artistic. Scattered throughout the text are simple but thought provoking questions—meant for dialogue, not comprehension. We appreciated these, but they would probably sound condescending if read to an older child. If read to the appropriate children, this would be a great option.

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