Biblical Home Volume 2 - CD

Biblical Home Volume 2 - CD

Life in the Back Rooms

Canon Press Audio Series
by Douglas Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press
Audio CD
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Douglas Wilson walks through the Christian home, teaching from the Scriptures how each area of Christian life requires self-sacrifice and humility. Husbands, wives and children learn that by giving their lives away their home will be filled with joy and delight. And those demanding service from others ultimately find their home barren and desolate. The first volume of this sermon series addresses the "front rooms," while the second volume addresses the remaining "back rooms."

Sermon titles:

  • The Bedroom (Rom. 12:1-2)
  • Sleep in the Bedroom (Prov. 3:21-26)
  • The Death Bed (Ps. 116:10-19)
  • The Kids' Bedrooms (Col. 3:20)
  • The Entertainment Center (Phil. 4:8-9)
  • The Closet (Prov. 31:21-22; Exod. 21:10)
  • The Bathroom (Deut. 23:12-14)
  • The Proverbial Woodshed (Heb. 12:8-13)
  • The Bills Desk (Prov. 27:23-27)
  • Miscellaneous Spots (Rom. 12:1-3)

After doing this sermon series, Doug Wilson condensed its topics into the book entitled My Life For Yours. There is much more content in the sermons, but the book is less expensive!

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