Biblical Culture

The victor writes history. But who wins the war for the present? Who gets to write the cultural primers for our day? Many Christians are of the opinion that the culture is lost. Seeking to renew and restore a Christian culture seems a waste of time; it seems like polishing brass on the Titanic. It’s all going down. Why bother?

The Bible, on the contrary, seems to suggest that the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ have not merely the right but the duty to determine the state and direction of culture. The argument goes like this: Jesus Christ has all authority over heaven and earth. That authority extends to every last square inch of creation, including all of human culture and human cultural artifacts. As Jesus’ representative people on the earth, the church has the duty to direct and order the way in which man thinks, sings, writes, paints, carves, dances, and performs all the other arts. This is Christ’s world. The church is called to lay claim to it.

This means that Christian families need to be factories producing culture changers. Our children, equipped and prepared to engage in vocations that center on producing God-glorifying art, music, literature, and journalism, to name only a few, are in great demand today. Reengagement in the culture will take some getting used to for many of us. We have been escapist for too long.

We can once again find a Bach, or a Rembrandt in our midst. Well trained, our children may truly become the producers of a biblical and Christian culture that will last for generations. We can have a new Christendom. It won’t come easy. It will come, if God wills, if we labor for it and make it our great goal. This bookstore is committed to fostering an environment that encourages bold Christian interaction with the culture. We can win. We will win in Christ!

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by Doug Wilson & Doug Jones
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2nd edition from Square Halo Books
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Mind Over Media
Focus on the Family Life on the Edge
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