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This collection of 30 beautifully illustrated Bible stories takes the lives of bible characters from both the Old and New Testament, retells them in a way that’s easy for children to read and understand, and has some of the best explanations of bible stories that we've seen. The series is divided into two groups, Bible Time and Bible Wise. Bible Time is designed for younger children, either to read aloud to (ages 3-5) or for beginning readers (ages 6-7) to read by themselves. The narrative is simpler, and speaks a bit more condescendingly than Bible Wise. Bible Wise is intended for slightly older children (ages 4-6 to read to, 6-9 to read to themselves), and have more narrative and more sophisticated style and language.

This series does a good job of condensing and summarizing the events and ideas surrounding the lives of the Bible characters. Rather than giving basic outline of events like many children’s versions of bible stories do, these books include direct quotes from scripture (especially quotes from Jesus), and they always draw morals and implications from the dialogue and the text. For instance, in Barnabas the Encourager, it is concluded from reading about Barnabas’ life that it is hugely important to be an encouragement and a blessing to our brothers in Christ. These books don’t fictionalize or deviate too far from the actual scripture, and include the themes and messages of the original scripture while making many observations of their own. The short length and fun illustrations make these series appealing to children and fun to read. Whether kids read them on their own or have them read to them, they are sure to be both instructed and entertained.

Bible Time

Read to Me: ages 3-5
Read Myself: ages 6-7

Bible Wise

Read to Me: ages 4-6
Read on My Own: ages 6-9

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BibleTime & BibleWise Books
BibleTime & BibleWise Books
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