Bible Type

Bible Type

Computer Typing Instruction Method

by Jackie Newbrough
Publisher: Centruth
©2000, Item: 23572
Comb bound, 61 pages
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Thisbook, formerly titled Computer Typing Curriculum,was recommended to us by a teacher using it. Using a color-coded keyboard illustrating the location and correct fingering of each key, students type biblical principles, Scriptures (NIV version) and Christian history. They advance as soon as mastery of a chart has been achieved on a timed typing test. The unique method avoids the left/right confusion resulting from mirror image instruction methods. The author and others have used this with hundreds of students 1st grade and above!

This book is designed somewhat like other typing books (such as Gregg's or Century 21). However, unlike these other options, this book is not hardcover, so it is not free standing. To get a better idea of the internal layout, see the sample charts to the left. Chart 1 is the first lesson, Chart 7 is the first with real words, Chart 15 is the first with sentences, Charts 19 & 21 demonstrate the program's Christian nature, Charts 52 & 54 give an idea of how far the book goes, and the last page is an excerpt from the typing test at the back of the book.

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