Bible Study Sampler

Bible Study Sampler

by Sarita Holzmann, John A. Holzmann
Trade Paperback, 188 pages
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What a rich book the Bible is! We believe its words are compelling and true. Moreover, God speaks through the Bible, if we will only listen with the aid of His Holy Spirit.

You don't need someone to "hold your hand" as you study God's Word. Turn to God Himself, ask for His help... and study His Word! That's why you won't find a lot of explanatory text in Sonlight's Bible Study Sampler. Nor will you find leading questions. Instead, you'll find 36 weeks' worth of very simple, standardized questions... with spaces for you to write your answers.

Each week you will study two passages from the Old Testament and three from the New. You will dig into the meaning of various songs, sayings, biographies, prayers, and more. You will grapple with prophecies related to Jesus, His miracles, teachings and parables. You will also pore over key passages from each of the New Testament letters.

Enjoy this sampler from the greatest Book ever written!

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