Bible Songs - DVD

Bible Songs - DVD

by Kathy Troxel
Publisher: Audio Memory
©2007, Item: 16183
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Memorization is always easier with music! Discover how music can positively impact the retention of knowledge with catchy, educational tunes from Audio Memory. Bible Songs features 11 songs that cover the "Rich Man and Lazarus," The Lord's Prayer, Books of the OT and NT, The Apostle's Creed, Matthew 6:19-21, and others. Each track is repeated with music-only, allowing for students to self-test.

The accompanying workbook features the full lyrics with additional pages to color. 11 Songs on CD; 22 Tracks.

This kit includes:

Audio CD, 22 tracks, 11 songs.
Workbook, 23 pages, softcover, reproducible for personal use and overhead transparencies

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