Bible Atlas & Companion

Bible Atlas & Companion

by Christopher D. Hudson (General Editor), David Barrett (Cartographer)
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Spiralbound, 175 pages
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Bring your Bible to life with this brand-new collection of colorful maps, intriguing photographs, and fascinating explanatory text. The Bible Atlas & Companion is designed for the everyday reader, not the scholar—for anyone interested in better understanding Bible places and events.

Based on the most recent NASA imagery, these 75 maps cover the entire range of biblical history—from the journeys of Abraham in Genesis to the seven churches of Asia Minor in Revelation. In between, you'll find maps relating to the Exodus and wilderness wanderings, the battles for the promised land and the days of the judges, the kingdoms of Irael and Judah, the Exile and return of the Jews, various world empires, and the ministries of Jesus, Peter, and Paul.

Organized in biblical order, each map is accompanied by a brief, easy-to-read synopsis of the place or event—and many feature photographs for even greater understanding.

Visualize scriptural places and events with The Bible Atlas & Companion. Your Bible study may never be the same again!

  • 75 full-color maps built from NASA imagery
  • 50 photographs and illustrations
  • Accessible text with relevant detail on map locations
  • Easy-to-navigate organizational system
  • Lay-Flat Spiral Binding
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