Bhimsa, the Dancing Bear

Bhimsa, the Dancing Bear

by Christine Weston, Roger Duvoisin (Illustrator)
©1945, Item: 75302
Hardcover, 120 pages
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It was evening in India and David should have been in bed. The sun, like a big red poppy, shone on the very edge of the plain. On the road there was a cloud of dust, colored pink by the sun, and there was the sound of a drum and cymbals. Then out of the pink dust cloud walked an Indian boy—and a big brown bear.

That was when David's adventures began. For Bhimsa was no ordinary bear. Stepping delicately on the border line between reality and fantasy, the story takes the boys and the bear through India and into many strange places, until they finally reach the great mountains.

A charming story by the author of the adult best-seller Indigo. Roger Duvoisin's illustrations help to make this a beautiful book.

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