BF Medieval History (Jr. High)

*Note Joan of Arc: A Photographic Story of a Life has fallen out of print and Beautiful Feet is currently looking for a replacement.

The Middle Ages was a very busy time full of change! Brilliant minds lived between the years 400 and 1522, the years that are covered in this study, and by reading some of the best literature on the subject, students will be encouraged to discuss new ideas and social changes. In this course students will learn about King Richard, King Arthur, Saladin, Queen Eleanor, Joan of Arc, Shahrazad and others. They will learn about Martin Luther who revealed a new way to approach God and about John Wycliffe who organized the Bible. Students will read about the life of Columbus, whose discovery of North America changed the world forever.

This teacher guide is formatted in 35 weekly lessons with reading assignments, mapping activities, research and discussion topics, hands-on and craft suggestions, web links, and vocabulary lists. This guide will make your job easier, not harder! It's full of ideas and activities but they're not all required. The focus should be the literature, not checking off every single activity. The activities are there to enrich your study, so pick and choose according to the educational needs and interests of your students. Have fun with it!

  • This study contains 35 weekly lessons.
  • Complete 1 lesson per week for a one-year study.

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